In order to enroll for therapy or receive an evaluation we will need the following: 
1. A referral/prescription from your physician (even if your insurance does not require a referral/prescription)
2. A copy of your insurance card so we can contact your insurance company prior to your first visit.  You are also encouraged to contact your insurance provider to ensure which services are covered.  It is best for them to provide you with a written detail of services covered as well as a reference number. (you can add this info to your patient packet - see # 4 below)
3. Most recent applicable reports:
     A.  Psychological evaluations (all children ages 
           10 and older on Medicaid, AR kids, SSI, or    
           Tefra must have IQ testing)
     B.  Speech Language Evaluation report
     C. Occupational Therapy Evaluation report
     D.  Physical Therapy Evaluation report
     E.  Hearing and Vision testing results

NOTE: If your child has Arkids or Medicaid, there are only 2 hours of speech therapy evaluation time available from July 1 through June 31.  If another speech therapist has evaluated your child, please make us aware so we can make appropriate arrangements.  

We currently accept Arkansas Medicaid, Medicare, Tefra, Arkids, most private insurances, and private pay.      

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